TIC en las familias, relaciones sociales y salud

La Universidad de Deusto ha aprobado oficialmente una nueva línea de investigación denominada "TEC en las familias, relaciones sociales y salud" liderada por Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Information communication technologies (ICTs) are a ubiquitous feature of family life. Affordable, widely accessible, and highly adaptable ICTs have transformed family experiences and virtualized what were in real family processes. At the present, we have paid attention to transnational families phenomenon to investigate the potential impact of ICTs on the lives of transnational families and how these families utilize them. The wide penetration of ICTs also puts into question some of the ways in which scholars have conceptualized the immigrant experience. 

  •  Are you a clinician that works with families?
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Lead Researcher:
 Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Selected publications:

Bacigalupe, G. & Camara, M. (In Press). Transnational families and social technologies: Reassessing immigration psychology. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

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